Top 6 Tips for Clean Tech Events and Renewable Energy Conferences

Many green industry professionals and career changers are interested in clean tech conferences and alternative energy events. You can find many upcoming green tech events and clean energy conferences in the United States and worldwide in the CleanTechies Events Calendar, but how do you make the most out of your attendance? No matter whether it’s an event on energy efficiency, solar energy, wind energy, green building or sustainable transportation, there are a few things common to each that will help YOU make your participation a success.

Just in time for your next clean tech event or alternative energy conference, here are our tips:

1) Have a game plan. Most events are overwhelming, and trying to find someone at the event is often impossible. That’s why it’s imperative that you reach out at least two weeks in advance of the event to target the top three people you’d like to have ten minutes with.

2) Talk into the microphone and identify yourself.  When you ask a question from the audience, it’s time to brand yourself and your company. Nothing makes a worse impression than someone who doesn’t give their name and company, mumbles and has not formulated a question. Oh, and make sure you ask a QUESTION. Leave the monologues to super villains.

3) Swallow the microphone. Many people are afraid of the sound of their own voice. They believe that holding the microphone around their waist or leaning back in their chair while talking on a panel somehow insulates them from the impact of their words. Wrong. If you have something to say, make sure everyone hears it.

4) Make friends with the people running the conference. They have a master list of emails and phone numbers, and probably know a lot of the attendees on sight. They can make connecting with the right person so much easier.

5) The most powerful word is “hello.”  It’s usually all you need when meeting someone to get their attention. We’ve seen it work wonders with strangers.

6) Have a business card conveniently ready. Digging through your briefcase, purse, satchel or suit sends a message about how you’ll handle a project. And it’s not a pretty message.

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And while you’re at it…tip #7:

Forego picking up the packets of promotional material that every single company wants to hand out. The paper is wasteful and you’re not really going to do more than glance at it during the conference and maybe once or twice afterwards. Most of that material is likely to be available on the company’s website instead.

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