Celeb Campaign Pushes Clean Energy Economy

The National Resources Defense Council Action Fund released a video clip last week designed to echo Obama’s call to move America towards a “clean energy economy” in his State of the Union address.

The video is part of the “This is Your Moment” campaign, which features a host of celebrities, such as Jason Bateman, Leonardo DiCaprio, Felicity Huffman, Justin Long, Edward Norton, and Forest Whitaker, urging Congress to pass the first-ever climate and clean energy bill, currently pending in the Senate.

NRDC trustee Leonardo DiCaprio said:

“This is our moment – our moment to fight for a cleaner and more secure future. The time is now for people across the country to stand up and have their voices heard. We all must call on the Senate to act on this historic opportunity.”

The campaign enables citizens to become participants by speaking to their representatives in two different ways. They can upload a video of their own in support of a clean energy economy, or they could send a direct email to their Senators.

Clean energy and climate legislation passed the House of Representatives for the first time ever in June 2009.  The legislation, the Clean Energy, Jobs and American Power Act, is now pending in the Senate. NRDC argues that the bill has the power to jump-start America’s economy and will subsequently create millions of jobs, break oil dependence, and cut global warming pollution.

If you’re interested in learning more about the campaign, or wish to post a video of your own, visit the NRDC Web site for more information.

Article by Kate R. appearing courtesy Celsias.

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