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Solar Is a Perfect Match: A Video Valentine

With this post, CleanTechies is diverging from our usual content with this light-hearted Valentine’s Day tribute to clean energy from the Vote Solar Initiative, which is working to make solar power mainstream.

People love solar. There are plenty of reasons why that’s the case. Solar creates local jobs. It produces reliable electricity when we need it most. It improves energy independence by tapping a homegrown resource. It offers real hope in the fight against global climate change. And ultimately the idea that we could be harnessing electricity from that big, yellow sun of ours just makes people feel good.

Always up for a good sun pun, Vote Solar thought we’d hammer that point home with a tongue-in-cheek Valentine Video campaign. Our campy personal ad montage shows why solar energy is a perfect fit for everyone. Adam Levine, lead singer from the solar-friendly folks at Maroon 5, lent his star power to the effort. Take a look — maybe you’ll find your “sol-mate.”

A Video Valentine from Vote Solar from Vote Solar on Vimeo.

photo: idua_japan