Wal-Mart Vows Major Cuts in CO2 Emissions by 2015

Wal-Mart officials have vowed to cut the company’s greenhouse gas emissions by 20 million metric tons by 2015, a sweeping strategy by the retail giant to reduce the carbon footprint of its network of suppliers and stores.

Company leaders say the cuts will more than offset the expected growth of its carbon emissions globally, and represent the equivalent of taking 3.8 million cars off the road.

Initially the company will target the suppliers and producers that emit the highest levels of carbon dioxide. Matt Kistler, senior vice president of sustainability, said initiatives will include cutting the CO2 emissions within the company’s massive transportation operation and reducing waste for fresh foods.

Last year, the company introduced a sustainability index of its products, rating them on a range of factors, including their carbon footprint and the amount of water used in production.

Five years ago, the company introduced a strategy to produce zero waste, sell greener products, and switch to renewable sources of energy.

Article appearing courtesy Yale Environment 360.

photo: Elsa Wenzel

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