Free Resume Writing Help: 3 Tips How to Format Resume

This post is part of our series on free resume help. Learn why the format of your resume (and cover letter) is important.

You can’t judge a book by its cover — but you can, and will, judge a resume (and cover letter!) by its appearance. A recruiter’s first glimpse at your resume can make or break your chances of getting that resume read — and seriously considered. A professional resume writer is skilled at formatting your resume to maximize three things:

  1. Scannability (hook readers in)
  2. Readability (transmit information)
  3. Clarity (avoid confusion and obfuscation)

You’d be surprised at how small tweaks — changing font, borders, headings, and so forth — can transform your resume into an eye-catching, easily comprehensible personal marketing document to show off your career.

A professional resume writer does something else, too: He or she maximizes the amount of information your resume is able to contain. With tricks like character spacing, margin adjustments, and strategic text editing, a professional resume writer can eliminate wasted resume “real estate” and ensure that your experience and achievements are fully represented.

Let an expert write you a job-winning green resume and cover letter.

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