Free Resume Writing Help: Long Client Lists

This post is part of our series on free resume help. Learn why the format of your resume (and cover letter) is important.

If you’re a consultant, graphic designer, advertising or marketing guru, or other service provider, your roster of happy clients is likely one of your biggest accomplishments. But what happens when your client list grows to unwieldy proportions? On your resume, you want to convey the breadth and depth of your experience; but you don’t want to overwhelm readers with information that doesn’t pack a powerful punch.

Keep these tips in mind when choosing what clients to list and how to handle them on your resume:

  • Providing a long list of clients won’t necessary add value. If you want to list some of your happiest clients, choose ~5 and select those that are most relevant to your target job.
  • Use phrases like “including” and “and others” to indicate that you’re providing only a sampling of your client list.
  • Numbers are powerful. Employ sentences like “Devised strategic marketing plans for 20+ multi-industry clients.”
  • Offer a complete list to interested readers: “Complete client list available upon request.” Be sure to format the list to match your resume.
  • Provide not just client names but also brief descriptions of successful projects as bullets in an accomplishments section.

And remember: A CleanTechies resume writer is skilled at teasing out a manageable number of clients and background information to aptly demonstrate the scope of your expertise — without taking up valuable “real estate” on the page with facts that don’t add to your career narrative and personal branding.

Let an expert write you a job-winning green resume and cover letter.

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