‘Moonlanding’ Carbon Capture Project Delayed in Norway

The Norwegian government has delayed until 2014 a highly touted project to capture and sequester carbon dioxide on a large scale, saying the project had become too complex to develop in the next several years.

The project, to be located at Mongstad in western Norway and developed in conjunction with the oil firm Statoil, was designed to capture carbon on an industrial scale, proving that the technology could safely and effectively be used to sharply reduce carbon emissions from coal-burning power plants.

The Norwegian Prime Minister, Jens Sotltenberg, had called the proposed Mongstad facility Norway’s “moonlanding” project.

But the country’s oil minister said that an industrial-scale sequestration project was not feasible at this time and should be revived in four years.

Some environmentalists harshly criticized the government’s decision, with one calling it a “scandal.”

Article appearing courtesy Yale Environment 360.

photo: Severin Sadjina

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2 comments on “‘Moonlanding’ Carbon Capture Project Delayed in Norway

Well, we have two options: 1 – its true, its very complex and it cant be done now; 2 – its a scandall, so the value of carbon will increase. In this case, it´s gonna be very interesting for the environment, cause if it pays the account, to care´s gonna be a good deal; So in the end, everything is good for the Earth and the pocket on it…

I meant, the bill…

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