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How to Write Resume: Free Resume Help — Improving Readability

This post is part of our series on free resume help. Learn how to write resumes and why the format of your resume (and cover letter) is important.

After hours of slaving over your resume and contorting every section to fit into one or two pages, you may not be the most objective judge of whether your resume is actually readable. Keep these things in mind as you put on the final polish:

• Make sure company names and job titles are clearly differentiated.

• Make sure employment dates are listed and placed consistently across positions. • Use a font and font size that won’t strain readers’ eyes.

• Keep decent margins, even if you have to cut a bit of information to do so.

• Let your name stand out.

• Clearly label each section (key skills, background, education, etc.).

• Incorporate enough white space to allow scannability.

• Clearly separate job descriptions from achievements.

Let an expert write you a job-winning green resume and cover letter.

photo: chrisjohnbeckett