Career Planning & Resume: How to Write a Resume to Change Career

This post is part of our career planning series on free resume help. Learn how to write resumes and why the format of your resume (and cover letter) is important.

Many professionals these days are aiming to change jobs and pursue new careers by earning a new degree. If you are following this kind of career development, you need to optimize this information on your resume to indicate your ability to make a career transition. Burying your new degree in an education section, while the bulk of your resume highlights experiences and achievements from your former career, won’t help recruiters understand the new direction in which you hope to take your career.

Utilizing your new degree as an effective resume feature involves doing these three things, all of which a CleanTechies resume writer is well-equipped to execute:

  1. Incorporate your new degree and key learnings into an executive profile.
  2. Highlight relevant projects and coursework to flesh out the listed degree.
  3. Tease out transferable and related skills from your previous career to create a cohesive narrative for your background and objective. Showcase your new degree as the new-career jumping-off point that it is!

Let an expert write you a job-winning green resume and cover letter.

photo: gargola87

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