Scenes From The Disaster In The Gulf

In a series of images taken in and around the Gulf of Mexico in late June, a team of independent photographers have documented the ongoing fallout from the Deepwater Horizon spill. Collected as part of the TEDxOilSpill project, the photos — taken from chartered airplanes, fishing boats, and coastal communities across the region — will be shown at a June 28 conference in Washington, D.C. coordinated by TED Conferences, LLC. “From the source to Gulf Shores [Alabama],” says one of the project participants, “we saw oil ranging from sheen to much heavier all the way to the coast and as far as the eye can see in both directions… There’s no good way to describe how huge an area is impacted.” Daily updates and additional information about the project, as well as some of the images, can be viewed online at

Article appearing courtesy Yale Environment 360

photo: Deepwater Horizon Response

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