Green Business Blog Carnival Week 10

It’s Friday. Before you pack your bags and head out to the Hamptons for the weekend, check out what is new in the Green Business Blog Carnival this week. Your portfolio might thank you for it! Thanks to our friends at sustainablog and Triple Pundit for coming up with the carnival. Next week, check out the carnival at Green Marketing TV.

Let’s start off in the Far East. Social entrepreneurship has taken off in Asia, according to Leon Kaye over at Triple Pundit. The Impact Investment Exchange, based in Singapore, will provide investors access to securities for social enterprises and entrepreneurs access to much needed funding. Hopefully, through these efforts, challenges such as health care and the environment can be tackled more forcefully.

Moving back across the International Date Line, revealed that researchers from the University of Brighton and the University of Hawaii have developed a new method for pinpointing certain kinds of pollution in coastal waters. Drum-roll please……The coastal waters of Hawaii are cleaner than previously thought. Hawaii, here we come.

Moving back to the continental U.S., Jeff McIntire-Strasburg of sustainablog interviewed Tom Larson, President and co-Founder of GreenSmart, a manufacturer of bags, laptop sleeves, and wine totes from recycled plastic bottles and their proprietary Neogreene material. The interview covers a wide range of topics from the business concept to materials to a global supply chain. Truly a good read for future entrepreneurs.

You might want to rethink that Kindle or iPad purchase. Over at the Independent Book Publishers Association, Raz Godelnik tries to determine whether e-readers are greener than books. Raz tries to solve the question by utilizing a life cycle analysis. While the conclusions found a breakeven point, you be the judge.

Moving on to Detroit city, actually Wayne, Michigan, Calfinder reveals that Ford is going solar at the assembly manufacturing plant in Wayne. This is the same plant that will manufacture an all-electric version of the Ford Focus. It may not be fashionable in the Hamptons now, but just you wait!

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