St. Lucia Enters Agreement to Develop and Export Geothermal Power

The government of St. Lucia has signed an agreement with a U.S.-based company to develop a series of geothermal plants they say will produce more than 120 megawatts of electricity, with plans to export much of that energy capacity within five years. The Caribbean island nation, located on the volcanic arc of the Small Antilles and home to about 175,000 people, has granted Qualibou Energy Inc. exclusive rights to develop geothermal resources that officials say will generate 12 megawatts of electricity within two years and, by 2015, would be expanded to about 120 megawatts.

One-third of that total capacity would go directly to St. Lucia’s electricity grid, while the remaining capacity — about 80 megawatts — would be exported to the neighboring island of Martinique via a 30-mile underwater cable. While most Caribbean nations currently import their energy — primarily in the form of petroleum from Mexico and Venezuela — the region’s leaders have expressed concern that rising prices could threaten the island economies.

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GO GREEN! (Your planet will thank you later)
you pick up your trash after an afternoon in the park you wait till dusk to mow your yard in the summer, you bring your own bags to the grocery you recycle for goodness sake!! So… why are you still heating and cooling your home with the precious little amounts of the earth’s fossil fuels??? Geothermal technology allows the temperature of the earth to heat and cool your home. With this technology you not only receive hot water (yes…completely free..!) but also, your heating and cooling costs will lower dramatically most times, up to 60%!!!!
my husband has almost 9 years experience installing these loops and units all over the country, we are small, family owned and operated business with very little if, no overhead expenses, one day hopefully to pass it on to our daughters, and we love making the earth a better place to live, one install, one customer at a time!! Check out our website too if you get a minute…
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Jill Miller

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