Timing Perfect for Geothermal, Solar Panel Installation

Combining their expertise, Jim Bolger, President of EarthFX Energy, and John Bosman, CEO and President of Bostech Mechanical, are currently preparing to open The Sustainable Living Centre in Maryhill, Ontario.

The new centre will highlight a wide range of green-energy products and services, with the purpose of easing an otherwise potentially intimidating shopping experience.  The birth of such a far-reaching centre in a small Ontario township is indicative of the province’s soaring green economy, manifested in the increasing number of contractors taking solar PV installation classes as a means of staying competitive.

“The timing was perfect,” says Bolger of the opening, adding, “I’ve had the vision in my head for four or five years, of a one-stop shop for sustainable living options.”  Patrons will be able to see renewable energy resources ranging from geothermal to solar panels in operation, and they can order the installation of these technologies right from the centre.  Comprehensive information will be available on various solar power options, in addition to geothermal energy, high efficiency lighting, and other energy conservation products and techniques – all of which, to learn about in this sort of detail, would otherwise require a lot of independent research or even formal classes.

Centre Reflects a Wealth of Geothermal, Efficiency, and Solar PV Training

In addition to Bolger and Bosman’s own expertise, NextEnergy of Elmira also joined the project in its early days.  NextEnergy will provide the centre’s geothermal heating system, complemented by a 10kW solar PV system provided by Waterloo Energy Products Inc., which brings its own experience and training to the centre.  Energy management company, I.B. Storey, has signed up as well, hoping to operate a storefront out of which it can run energy efficiency training and auditing services.

The output of the centre’s solar panels will be traced via watt meters visible to patrons.  Plans are also in the works to provide a Web platform so that potential clients can track the centre’s energy consumption and production from their homes.  The easy availability of solar PV technology through the Sustainable Living Centre is likely to make solar options more real for local residents, thereby creating substantial business opportunities for contractors who have taken solar installation classes.

The centre’s grand opening is scheduled for September 18th between 11am and 3 p.m., at 29 Charles St. East, Maryhill, ON.

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