Atlantic Wind and Solar to Offer New Financing Program

Late last month, Toronto-based Atlantic Wind and Solar Inc. announced an encouraging step forward in the transition to a greener economy. The firm is planning to launch a brand new financing program designed to help organizations develop large-scale wind and solar energy projects. The Renewable Energy Finance program will focus on helping companies complete their photovoltaic panel installations and wind-harvesting more quickly and efficiently.

Program Will Benefit Ontario’s Solar Panel Producers

Atlantic Wind and Solar is working with many firms across Ontario to develop more renewable energy parks in the hopes that its new financing program will help accelerate the shift towards environmentally conscious technology. This program offers 100% equity financing for utility-scale photovoltaic installation projects. Solar energy producers can expect access to reduced lending rates, as well as experienced legal advice and strong political support.

Improved Access to Technology Will Lead to New Jobs

Another benefit that the funding program will offer is increased access to technology and equipment, such as those necessary for the manufacture and installation of photovoltaic panels. This new ease of access will open the door to many exciting careers in Toronto’s growing green economy, and solar training classes can help workers take advantage of these opportunities. As the green energy field develops, young people looking to break into the workforce, as well as individuals in search of a new career, will benefit from the creation of new jobs.

Organizations Treated as Partners, Not Competitors

The selection of participating organizations will be made based on their market position and prospective growth, as well as an assessment of their financial model. Atlantic Wind and Solar remarks that solar energy – and the green economy as a whole – is “the true growth sector of the 21st century.” As demand for renewable energy sources continues to rise, so too will demand for workers with the requisite green energy training.

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