New Computer Game Simulates Challenges of Global Warming

A British company has developed a new computer game that allows players to save the planet from the effects of global warming — at least in a simulated setting.

Fate of the World,” produced by the gaming company Red Redemption, places players at the head of a global environmental organization — a “UN with teeth” — charged with saving the world over the next 200 years in the face of rising temperatures, diminishing resources, disappearing ecosystems, and growing population.

Using actual climate models and data from scientists at the University of Oxford, players can confront these challenges through a variety of policies — including cap-and-trade, promotion of renewable energy, and geoengineering schemes. “In many ways, it’s just a very complex puzzle,” Matt Giles Griffiths, one of the designers, said. “The first few times you try it, you’ll get absolutely creamed.”

While the makers of the game say they are pushing no particular agenda, some green groups say a surge in popularity of games focused on sustainability is helpful in raising awareness.

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