Experts from SunEdison Give Building Owners Tips for Optimal Solar Installation | Sponsored Post

The Queen City recently hosted BOMEX 2010 – the 20th edition of the Building Owners and Managers Association of Canada (BOMA Canada) National Conference and Exhibition.

The line-up for the conference reflected the province’s growing interest in the environment, renewable energy, and green careers, with SunEdison Business Development Manager, Oleg Popovsky and Sales Manager, Bryan Bentrott, delivering  speeches highlighting the growing importance of solar technology.

Popovsky opened by explaining the environmental, economic, and social advantages of solar installations, highlighting how the market “creates good, local jobs for the new energy economy.”  Countless new green career opportunities have arisen in the province due to Ontario’s Feed-in Tariff (FIT) program.

Top Five Things to Consider Before Investing in a Solar Installation

Byran Bentrott then listed the five most important solar installation considerations that building managers should consider to maximize their profits.  First, an owner should check a prospective installer’s track record.  This includes past projects, the quality of PV installation classes followed by the installers, and other factors.  Second, it is crucial to examine how effectively the solar installer manages his or her supply chain.  Third involves determining the “installer’s ongoing energy production performance,” because “knowing how well your rooftop is performing is key to your project’s success.”

Bentrott subsequently stressed the importance of knowing “the expected solar production rates in your area” in order to avoid deception by dishonest solar installers eager to close a deal.  Finally, Bentrott warned, “Don’t allow unproven racking technologies on your roof, and make sure they incorporate your other business needs.”

Quality PV Installation Classes Are Now Essential

It is not surprising that Bentrott’s opening piece of advice focused on the skills of the solar installer.  In order for Ontario’s renewable energy opportunities to continue growing, the province must develop a workforce specialized in green technologies and sustainable infrastructure.

In the case of solar energy, this implies following proper PV installation classes.  Such classes are becoming more popular throughout the province, in response to the numerous green career possibilities created by foreign investments.  However, to ensure that you benefit from the training necessary for effectively solar installations, stick with ISPQ-accredited training programs like Ontario Solar Academy.  Certified by the Interstate Renewable Energy Council (IREC), such programs possess the requisite facilities, instructors, and curriculum to help you successfully enter this quickly expanding career field.

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