Strain on Water Supplies Already Affecting Businesses Globally

Nearly 40 percent of businesses globally have already experienced “detrimental” effects related to water security, including disruptions caused by drought and other shortages, flooding, poor quality, and increased prices, according to a new report. In a survey of companies from 25 nations, more than half responded that risks to their business are “current or near term,” an indication that the strain on global waters supplies is already being felt worldwide.

The survey was commissioned by the UK nonprofit Carbon Disclosure Project, which produces annual reports on corporate responses to carbon emissions for investors. According to the survey, 67 percent of respondents are already addressing water security at the board or executive committee level; 89 percent have developed water policies; and 60 percent have established water-related performance targets. The sectors reporting the highest water security risk include food, beverage, tobacco, metals, and mining. Chemical, technology, and communications companies are least exposed to risk.

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One comment on “Strain on Water Supplies Already Affecting Businesses Globally

Rebecca Rae

The growing lack of water to fulfill industry needs does not have to leave many businesses worrying about financial loss. There are unique alternatives that few industries have researched with atmospheric water generators. When the RH ius 36% and temperatures are right, as much as 3,350 gallons of purified water can be pulled from the air daily. These generators can further be retrofitted together to pull upwards of 100,000 of some of the purest water on earth. In fact this water has been independently tested and verified to be comparable to tech water which is a solution for pharaceutical, cosmetic and industrial use.

As awareness of this technology grows, we will begin to witness sustainable green alternatives for water production and use. I would suggest that some of the 67% or more of the industries who are admitting to concern with dwindling worldwide water depletion, look into our technology.

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