Green Gift Ideas: Battery-Free Bike Light

Enjoy the safety of a bike light without worrying about dead batteries!

Tired of getting of being too scared to commute by bike because you don’t have the proper safety lights? Frustrated with your current headlamp or safety light because the batteries need to be replaced every other time you ride? The Pedalite bag and ankle lights are equipped with powerful solar cells so that the lights are constantly recharging.

Coolest Things About the Pedalite: It’s powered by stored natural and artificial light energy, and comes in different styles specifically designed to attach to your pedals, body or bookbag.

Perfect Gift Idea For: bike commuters, hikers, equestrians, children, joggers, and anyone else that might need to be visible at night.

How You Can Get One: Click here to order online or find local distributors.

How it works: One hour of direct sunlight gets you one hour of light from the Pedalite product. If the light is placed in charging mode while in the shade or under the table while you’re at home, it will take slightly longer for it to charge, as the quality of the light is not the same. However, it’s possible to fully charge the Pedalite on artificial light. The product will have 6+ hours of flashing time when fully charged.

Article by Beth Buczynski, appearing courtesy Crisp Green.

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