San Francisco Pledges Astounding 100% Green Energy by 2020

While some U.S. cities have made substantial gains in clean energy, it’ll be hard to compete with San Francisco’s recently announced goal. Believe it or not, the City by the Bay plans to be 100% green-energy-powered by 2020.

The announcement was made earlier this month by Mayor Gavin Newsom at the launch of the Sunset Reservoir solar array, a 24,000-paneled army of clean tech that nearly triples the amount of solar power San Francisco currently produces.

This particular facility will help the city reach its monumental goal by selling solar electricity to the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission—in turn saving a whopping $26 million in energy costs over the course of the 25-year contract.

Currently the largest municipal solar array in the entire state of California, the Sunset Reservoir will not only be used to power a multitude of city buildings (including SFO!), but is also expected to create new jobs for the community.

Utilizing funds from the Sidney Frank Foundation, Mayor Newsom hopes to put together a Mayoral task force that can help him reach his goal of pushing the city into complete renewable energy reliance in the next 10 years—one that will undoubtedly propel the Bay Area right into the history books.

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Way to go San Francisco! Hope many other cities join you in your pledge.

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