Vermont Gets Surge of Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

It’s not the biggest news of the new week, or the new year, but it is indicative of the gradual tilt toward renewable energy taking place all across America, as Green Mountain Power, a Vermont utility, pledges to install electric vehicle (EV) charging stations within its service territory.

And while the charging stations themselves may not be solar-powered, the company does plan to install solar panels which produce as much energy as the charging stations deliver, according to Green Mountain Power President and CEO Mary Powell. The company already has charging stations for its own fleet of EVs.

Sites haven’t been firmed up yet, but will likely be in populated communities in Chittenden, Washington and Addison counties. Each station will have two chargers, offering 110-volt household current for Toyota Prius models that have been converted to “plug-in” technology, and 220-240 watt for newer EVs like the Chevy Volt and the Nissan Leaf.

The charging stations will be ready for use by spring of this year, making gloriously green Vermont just a little bit greener, if that is possible. Way to go, Green Mountain! Now if you could only teach some of your fellow utilities the importance of green.

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