Massachusetts Fires up Solar Hot Water Rebates

Massachusetts may seem like an unlikely state for solar power. When you look at its solar insolation value of only 4.0 kilowatt-hours (compared to California’s 6.0 and Florida’s 5.0), the New England state seems lacking in sunshine.

In spite of that, Massachusetts has shown a definite fondness for solar energy ever since passage of the Green Communities Act of 2007 – a move that put it in the running for a slot among the top ten best states for solar (where it won #5 in 2008, #10 in 2009, and #5 again in 2010).

Now, to put a little shine on that well-deserved reputation, Massachusetts is offering a rebate program for residential installations of solar hot water. Beginning in February of this year, the Massachusetts Clean Energy Center will accept applications for a pilot program designed to test the waters (pun intended).

The application process is described as “non-competitive” (you have to meet standards, but not jump through 10,000 hoops), and the rebates begin at $12.50 per square foot of collector, or an average of $1,000. Each system (or its components) manufactured within the state also qualifies for an additional $200, which means that a solar hot water system can reportedly be had for less than half the cost when combined with other federal, state, and utility incentives.

The rebates make sense from both a resource standpoint (heating water is 11 percent of a household’s energy use) and a financial one (a typical homeowner spends about $500 per year to operate a 75-gallon hot water tank), and a typical passive solar water heating system, looking much like a series of solar photovoltaic panels, can provide up to three-fourths of a home’s total hot water needs.

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Thank you for providing us so helpful information with us. As the solar power is the green energy for us, it will be the next generation providing us power.It is time for us promoting the solar power to more people, and they could share the benefits from the new green power.

Thank you for sharing the information with us. It is no doubt that the solar power as the new green energy for us. it has been accepted by increasing people. Furthermore, many governments encourage people applying the green power in their families. The rebate is one of the efficiency method in Australia.

From the article, you can understand that we can not set up solar energy panel in anywhere except full sunny places. Thanks for sharing your experience.

Great article, I believe that solar power is really new and better source of energy that everyone should consider. Thanks for sharing.

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