Challenging California’s Reverse Auction Mechanism

California’s failure to pass 33% RPS legislation is creating real havoc in the renewable market.

A month ago, the California Public Utilities Commission voted to create a new 1,000 MW program for distributed generation renewables (Reverse Auction Mechanism (RAM)). It’s a great program, but earlier this week, Southern California Edison (pdf) and Pacific Gas and Electric filed legal challenges. Their argument? Once they’ve met the current 20% legislative standard, they believe that means they are off the hook for doing anything more. Read PG+E’s here (pdf) and SCE’s here (pdf) for the full deal.

The legal merits of their position notwithstanding, it’s clear that we have an acute problem in California’s renewable energy markets–one that can be solved by immediate action to raise the RPS to 33%. Last summer we came close, but the Legislature failed to move the legislation across the finish line before the clock ran out and the session came to a close. The Legislature needs to make this a priority and move on a 33% solution immediately.

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