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BC Company Eyes Green Energy Act Incentives, Plans Move Into Ontario

British Columbia-based P2 Solar, Inc. (P2 Solar) has announced that it plans to add 10 MW worth of renewable solar energy installations to the Ontario industry at two tentatively-selected, unnamed locations. The province boasts North America’s first feed-in tariff (FIT) program for green energy, as well as its largest solar installation and Canada’s first ISPQ -accredited provider of solar design and installation classes, Ontario Solar Academy.

P2 Solar installs standard renewable energy systems and has partnered with Solarise Power, Inc., in which it owns a 34% interest, to develop new cutting-edge technologies that will offer greater efficiency over currently-existing models. Traditionally, P2 Solar has focused on projects in the Middle East, India, and other regions of Canada, and the company’s recently-announced projects will represent its debut in the Ontario market.

Province Creates Green Energy, Careers, Inspires Renewable Energy Classes

Ontario creates green energy and careers with its FIT program, which pays producers of renewable energy high prices, locked into twenty-year contracts, to tie their projects into the provincial power grid. The FIT began to accept applications in October of 2009, after the Ontario Government signed into law its Green Energy and Green Economy Act (Green Energy Act) earlier the same year. One of the goals of the act and the FIT is to help replace Ontario’s coal-fired energy plants by 2014 using renewable sources.

P2 Solar’s plans for Ontario are still in their infancy. The company has contracted a real estate firm to help it determine the best locations for its solar installations and is considering two in particular, which it has not named officially. After it selects the sites, P2 Solar will begin the process of applying to the FIT, consulting with stakeholders and the public, and finally, construction.

“Entry into the Ontario solar market will be a very nice complement to our existing target market, India,” says P2 Solar’s Chief Executive Officer, Raj-Mohinder Gurm. “We have identified a sub-set of potential sites that we believe are good candidates for receiving clearance from Hydro One within a reasonable time-frame.” With its first Ontario installations, P2 Solar will take advantage of the province’s solar incentives and its solar class graduates, and it will add to its supplies of green career opportunities and clean, renewable energy.

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