Mitsubishi Outlines Plans to Unleash Eight Green Vehicles by 2015

Despite having a long history in the automobile business, Mitsubishi Motors contributions to the green vehicle industry in recent years have so far not shown as much dedication as some other Japanese automobile manufacturers. While their compact electric vehicle, called the i-MiEV, has already hit the markets in Japan after the 2009 release, the company is not satisfied with only one contribution. Recently, the company has announced a series of partnerships and plans to unleash plenty of new hybrid cars in the next several years.

According to the announcement coming from the Japanese automaker, Mitsubishi Motors is planning on releasing eight brand new electric vehicles and hybrid cars onto the market by 2015. The new effort, which is being outlined as part of an environmentally conscious plan similar to the one that led to the i-MiEV, to become a greener automobile manufacturer is planned to be an international affair with the company making plans to open new factories or roll out new models in different areas of the world depending on the demand. While exact specifications for the vehicles that are being planned are unknown, it is believed that Mitsubishi will be unveiling certain models during the upcoming 2011 Geneva International Motor Show that is to be held in March.

The current plan has Mitsubishi Motors focusing on the development of electric vehicles, hybrid cars, and fuel efficient automobiles. It is believed that they will be working on a new Sports Utility Vehicle model, which will begin production in Russia, as well as releasing models as a part of a partnership with a Chinese automakers and Japanese automobile company Nissan. Mitsubishi has also announced that they are planning on targeting the American and European markets with their new models as time goes on.

With plans to begin production on new models this year, and the potential to see unveilings at the upcoming auto shows in 2011, Mitsubishi believes that the initial models will hit the markets by 2013. Once they have, it will not take long to determine whether or not Mitsubishi Motors is read to become a major player in the green vehicles business. With major contenders in other Japanese automobile manufacturers like Toyota, who has been selling green vehicles for years now, or Honda, who continues to work in various aspects of the green vehicle markets, it would pay to take their major push into the green vehicles market very seriously.

Article by Richard Cooke, appearing courtesy Justmeans.

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