UK’s First Wind Farm Reopens with Incredible Revamp

It may seem like wind farms are a relatively new form of green technology, but they have actually been around for years—decades, even.

In fact, the UK’s first commercial wind farm, located at Delabole in Cornwall, celebrated its 20-year anniversary with a multimillion-pound renovation. Delabole originally consisted of 10 turbines standing at 164 feet each, but has now received four new 325-foot turbines as part of the overhaul.

With the newer, more energy efficient turbines up and running, the wind farm is expected to generate 9.2 megawatts of power—a massive feat for any form of renewable energy. This operation now has the ability to power 7,000 homes.

The project cost about 11.8 million pounds to complete, but with the site slated to produce a substantial amount of power in the area for years to come, it seems well worth it.

Photo Credit: Peter Cowley via Flickr CC

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