Google HQ Installs First Wireless Electric Car Charger

The system is the first to offer consumers a simple way to charge their EVs with the ease of hands-free, automatic technology.

Google is famous for giving the digital generation what it wants, so it only makes sense that the search giant would branch out into other technologies it feels are worth of its attention. So it shouldn’t come as a surprise that they would already be dabbling in smart grid technologies, and positioning themselves to be a leader in the future of both energy creation and distribution.

Recently, the interwebs have been all aflutter over the fact that Google is trialing a Plugless Power charging station for electric vehicles at its Mountain View, Calif. headquarters. Developed by Evatran, Plugless Power is based on technology similar to that of the electric toothbrush, which has been used in electrical transformers for more than 100 years.

The system streamlines the charging of electric vehicles and extended-range hybrids by eliminating the nuisance of the cord and the plug. For those that have been hesitant to purchase an electric vehicle because they fear what would happen if they stray too far without a charging station, Plugless Power could be the technology to sway their choice.

Google has a history of showing interest in alternative transportation options around its campus and includes plug-in vehicles in its on-campus employee car-sharing program. The company will initially use the Plugless Power station to charge a retrofitted short-range electric vehicle, since most EV models are eligible for Plugless Power through a simple retrofit process.

Article by Beth Buczynski, appearing courtesy Crisp Green.

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3 comments on “Google HQ Installs First Wireless Electric Car Charger

It’s about time.. looking for cool another cool move from the big ‘G’.

Way to go Google.

Thanks for the report, Crisp.

Isn’t this like the technology Nikola Tesla was so hot about before he went fully crazy?

We hope that these initiatives will spread more and more in the coming years

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