New Offshore Wind Turbine Built To Survive Rough Seas

The offshore wind industry is poised to experience rapid growth over the next decade. To meet the demand Vestas has unveiled a new turbine designed specifically for harsh marine environments.

Many governments around the world, especially the United Kingdom, are interested in utilizing offshore wind as a clean and efficient source of power for their citizens.

Vestas, a pioneer within offshore wind since the birth of the industry, has introduced the V164-7.0 MW — a dedicated offshore turbine specifically designed for the roughest North Sea conditions. Anders Søe-Jensen, President of Vestas Offshore explains why the company chose to focus on the European market:

“We expect the major part of offshore wind development to happen in the Northern part of Europe, where the conditions at sea are particularly rough. Based on our broad true offshore experience, we have specifically designed the V164-7.0 MW to provide the highest energy capture and the highest reliability in this rough and challenging environment.”

The innovative part of the new wind turbine is, along with a wide range of technical features, its size and consequently much increased energy capture whereas the proven technology is represented by, among other things, the medium-speed drive-train solution. To ensure the lowest possible cost of energy, this new turbine, boasts an entire 7.0 MW – and a rotor diameter of 164 metres (which is longer than 9 double-decker buses lined up end to end).

Article by Beth Buczynski, appearing courtesy Crisp Green.

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