Google Invests $5 million in Renewable Energy in Europe

Google announced last week that it has agreed to make its first clean energy project investment in Europe. The company will be injecting US$5 million into a solar photovoltaic plant in Germany.

According to Google’s European Policy blog, the transaction still requires the formal approval of the German authorities and is subject to other customary closing conditions.

The solar plant is located in Brandenburg an der Havel near Berlin and occupies 47 hectares of a former Russian military training ground. It is one of the largest in Germany with a peak capacity of 18.65MWp. Google says it will provide clean energy to more than 5,000 households in the area.

The investment is a joint venture between Google and the German private equity company Capital Stage, which is experienced in the German PV and renewable energy market. 70% of the solar modules installed in Bradenburg will come from German manufacturers.

Article by Antonio Pasolini, a Brazilian writer and video art curator based in London, UK. He holds a BA in journalism and an MA in film and television.

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3 comments on “Google Invests $5 million in Renewable Energy in Europe

For a smaller investment, Google could put a huge dent in another solar technology that not only works while the sun is shining but at night and even on gray, rainy days — the solar updraft tower. It deserves more coverage and investment than it’s gotten.

Well done Google! Now we want to see $00s millions being invested by Tech companies to make an impact on the fledgling Solar Power industry

I write to bring to the attention of the Google organization our new, efficient, clean, economic hydro energy generating technology. Our company was selected as a Technology Pioneer by WEF Davos , the only South American company ever selected. Pls visit our site and if interested I can send material such as Power Point etc. We were also sleeted by the Harvard Business Review Brazilian Section as an Innovating Organization. I look toward to a reply. Since our technology is so different we are facing an up hill fight to introduce our technology to the world market . We have available substantial literature and Power Point on the subject .

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