BMW Launches Mobile App To Gauge EV Compatibility

Are drivers really ready for a transition to electric cars? BMW’s aims to judge compatibility with a new app.

Just like those “core value” questions asked by the most popular online dating sites, the EVolve app will determine if the current transportation habits of drivers are compatible with the electric vehicle lifestyle, regardless of their current cars’ make or even their mode of transportation.

The EVolve app aims to open drivers’ minds to the benefits of adopting the electric car lifestyle by demonstrating their potential cost savings and environmental impact.

The app was designed in partnership with MINI E drivers—actual EV drivers currently participating in the BMW Group’s first formal field trial, which began in 2009. The app provides tips from this group of seasoned drivers, based on their experiences thus far. Drivers also have access to real-world comparisons that put their energy and transportation usage into context such as equating a vehicle’s carbon impact to that of a home television. Ultimately, following three complete “trips” with the app, the user will be given a compatibility rating letting them know how an EV might fit into their daily life.

“During our first field trial with the MINI E Pioneers, we saw the value in collective engineering,” said Rich Steinberg, Manager of Electric Vehicle Operations & Strategy, BMW of North America. “It is a testament that the dialogue between drivers will be as essential with the ActiveE trial as it is to our engineers in preparation for the BMW i3 and i8, BMW’s next electric vehicles.”

For a richer experience, participants can visit where they can plug in mobile app data or create manual trips to interact with the EV Dashboard, which calculates the projected impact the switch to an EV could have on gas expenses or the environment over time. Additionally, dashboard users can earn reward badges that are shareable on social networks. Participants can also see how they stack up against drivers across the country.

Article by Beth Buczynski, appearing courtesy Crisp Green.

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