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Vehicle to Grid Storage and the Future of Electric Vehicles

Renewable energy sources like solar and wind only generate electricity when the wind blows or the sun is out and that isn’t always when customers need power. Batteries large enough to hold megawatts of electricity are prohibitively expensive but another potential source of battery storage is fast emerging: electric vehicles.

Vehicle-to-grid (V2G) storage allows the smart grid to use EVs (and even hybrids) as a distributed network of batteries that can store power at off-peak times and help power the grid when demand peaks. Here’s how it works:

1. Power is generated from a renewable source, like wind, and transferred to the grid.

2. Electricity flows from the grid to EV batteries when there is excess capacity (e.g. when the wind blows in predawn hours). The power flow is reversed when demand on the grid is higher.

3. Customers can control when the smart grid can access battery power from their EVs, which can put out enough power to run 10 houses, and even control how far the battery is discharged.

Article appearing courtesy Txchnologist.

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3 comments on “Vehicle to Grid Storage and the Future of Electric Vehicles


In a renewable energy world, it would be the house that has the batteries. Each house would have batteries or some other energy storage system to last say, three days and the smart grid would shuffle the power around as required. There would be a constant ebb and flow from the solar and wind generation and a central huge battery would not be required. With the house storage there would not be the need for peak demand, as peak demand would be supplied by the batteries, at least for residential electical use.

Jim stACk

V2G is much better, millions of vehicles sit 20+ hours a day. They use advanced batteries while home solar systems so far only use 100 year old lead acid battery technology. Read the website and book

This is good idea I think in next few year we use all these types of ideas for storage energy in vehicles because the shortage of Petrol or Diesel.

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