What Will Your House Look Like In 2020?

Just a few short decades ago, we couldn’t have imagined computers the size of a phone, GPS devices that can keep us from being lost, and internet technology that makes it possible to talk to a friend halfway across the world through your laptop.

It only makes sense that the technology currently revolutionizing the way we communicate will eventually be implemented in other areas of our lives.

Experts say these new technologies will make our home lives easier, more comfortable, safer, more energy efficient, and even more fun. The following infographic explores some of the potential technological possibilities we may see in our homes over the next decade.

Most of it seems pretty cool, but is it really that innovative or efficient? I want a house that takes away my ability to be inefficient by automatically monitoring and adjusting power usage without me having to do anything.

Article by Beth Buczynski, appearing courtesy Crisp Green.

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