New Microchip Technology Eliminates Standby Energy Consumption

Researchers in Japan have developed microchip technology that eliminates energy consumption in electronic devices while in so-called “standby” mode.

While most electronic devices, including televisions and personal computers, now require circuits to be powered continuously to assure instant startup, the new semiconductor technology developed by NEC Corporation and scientists at Tohoku University uses tiny magnets to store vital data while appliances are switched off.

The power consumed by electronic devices in standby mode represents from 2 to 10 percent of total household energy consumption.

But the real energy savings could come at large data centers, where the new so-called “spintronics” technology could reduce power consumption by 25 percent, said Naoki Kasai, a scientist at Tohoku University.

Article appearing courtesy Yale Environment 360.

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One comment on “New Microchip Technology Eliminates Standby Energy Consumption

Steve Stearns

When you think of all the computers that are left in standby mode overnight in companies across America and the world this new technology could add up to be a big thing!

Thanks for sharing the news

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