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China’s Commitment to Green Technologies – Six Out of Seven Ain’t Bad

Every day we read about the global dominance that China is achieving in cleantech, and wish the US could get on the stick as well. Here’s a wonderful presentation by HSBC that explicates China’s commitment to green technologies nicely.

China’s 12th Five Year Plan includes seven Strategic Emerging Industries (SEI), six of which are related to clean energy and sustainability. While we in the US are arguing about trivia and eviscerating our environmental regulations, the Chinese will be investing as much as $1.5 trillion between now and 2020 in:

1) Energy saving and environmental protection

2) New energy, e.g., renewables, nuclear, and carbon capture

3) New materials (LED lighting, building materials)

4) High-end equipment manufacturing, e.g., high-speed railway

5) New-energy vehicles (EV, PHEV, energy-efficient vehicles, batteries)

6) Next generation IT, e.g., smart grid

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One comment on “China’s Commitment to Green Technologies – Six Out of Seven Ain’t Bad


Awesome article regarding how to bring any country into a modern era of energy.

I disagree that this report says bio-energy is not included in Greentech.

And since when is Nuclear really green? If that’s all we do is count carbon, we will regret it again and again.

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