Does a Bubble in Cleantech Lie on the Horizon?

Are we approaching a bubble in cleantech? Apparently, this is a question on a number of people’s minds; each of the VCs at the New York Venture Summit last week was asked to comment on it.

I don’t see it. GE and Siemens achieved combined top-line revenues of over $30 billion in 2010 in this space, and continue to invest huge resources so as to “own the world” as it goes green; you can be sure that no one there is too concerned about a bubble.

The way I look at it, clean tech is in its infancy, the way the Internet was 15 years ago. When will it explode? I can’t say, but I recall those early days of the Internet, as it bopped along for a few years, then went right through the roof. You’ll see something quite similar here.

And here’s the reason – as I was explaining to a client this morning: why do we need products and services that provide sustainability? Because what we’re doing now isn’t sustainable. It’s that simple. Many of our current practices can’t last – even if we want them to.

The boom will be as considerable as it is inevitable.

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One comment on “Does a Bubble in Cleantech Lie on the Horizon?

Gary Terry

Absolutely could not agree more it’s a grain of sand and the new technologies that are not even commercialized yet or even envisioned yet are still to come. Anyone that asks this question needs to get out more and associate themselves with inventors and innovators in the cleantech space because its exciting just like it was 15 years ago as you say.

Sustainability, social economic and environmental are the key drivers without a doubt and a real challenge to the cleantech sector its not easy by any stretch to embrace them all and have balance which is a major challenge and for some of us the biggest driver to creating inventing innovating the technoligies in the cleantech space.

Take care thanks for the article much appreciated.



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