UK Offshore Wind Sector is the Fastest-Growing in Europe

The vast majority of new offshore wind turbines built in European waters this year have been installed in the UK, according to the European Wind Energy Association.

Of 108 new turbines installed off the European coast during the first half of 2011, 101 were built in the UK.

But so far only about two-thirds of the new turbines have been connected to the electricity grid, according to the industry group’s report.

As of June 30, there were 1,247 fully connected turbines in European waters, scattered across nine countries. EWEA Executive Director Christian Kjaer said offshore projects represent “the largest construction undertakings going on in Europe,” but warned that the sector will continue to rely on increased large-scale investment.

Although just one turbine was constructed in Norway during the first half of the year, it was a prototype floating model that, if successful, could extend the offshore wind industry into deeper waters, and open up new areas of exploitation, industry experts say.

Article appearing courtesy Yale Environment 360.

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