Website Promotes Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion

There are many types of renewable energy in the world. It is consensus that to replace fossil fuels we will need a broad mix of natural resources. When it comes to energy generation, ‘the more the merrier’ also applies.

So let’s hear for one type of alternative energy that is not as widely talked about as solar or wind power: ocean thermal energy conversion (OTEC). It uses the temperature differential between the warm surface water and the cold deep water to generate electricity and potable water. Therefore this type of energy is particularly suited to tropical zones.

We’re likely to hear more about OTEC if the ON Project can achieve its goal to spread the word about it. It calls itself a “hub where individuals can learn about the benefits of OTEC, including 24/7 renewable energy and clean, potable water”.

The over-arching goal of the initiative is to raise awareness about how OTEC’s environmental, humanitarian, and economic benefits can significantly improve life across the globe, but mainly in the tropics.

The OnProject is sponsored by OTE Corporation, a company that produces clean energy and drinking water. The company’s history goes back to 1998 and its roots are in Hawaii, where its operational headquarters are. Its corporate headquarter is in Pennsylvania.

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