BMW is Seeking Electronauts for 2012 Active E Test Fleet

BMW is seeking 700 so-called “electronauts” to test a fleet of 2012 BMW Active E vehicles. While BMW is not shy of flaunting the phrase “ultimate driving machine”, one would not necessarily attach that phrase to the auto industry’s current crop of electric vehicles. With the Active E, BMW seeks to change all that.

So, how do you become one of the lucky 700 electronauts? It’s as easy as 1-2-3. All you need to do is fill out a reservation form on BMW’s Active E website, complete a charging station consultation with BMW partner, AeroVironment, and sign a two year, closed-end lease. Simple. For those of you who are really interested, the lease is $499/month with $2,250 down.

Walter Wang is Managing Editor of CleanTechies. You can follow Walter on twitter: @energytaxprof.

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