Blackfriars Bridge in London Gets Solar Panels

Besides hydrogen double-decker buses, London will get another alternative energy feature on one of its icons.

Blackfriars Bridge, which runs parallel to London Bridge, is undergoing a massive reconstruction. When the new bridge and accompanying train station are delivered to the public, solar panels will be part of the new structure.

The UK Guardian reported that work on the ‘world’s largest solar bridge’ begins today. 4,400 solar panels are being installed above the new station platform. When the work is finished in 2012, the bridge that was built back in 1886 will become home to 6,000 square meters of photovoltaic panels, London’s largest array.

The installation is being carried out by Solarcentury, who said the panels are expected to generated around 900,000 kWh, or half of the station’s energy needs. This will reduce CO2 emissions by roughly 511 tonnes per year.

Since the bridge is smack bang in the middle of the city, solar power technology will become a prominent feature of the ever-so-lively English capital. The panels will produce electricity and great PR for the solar industry as well.

Besides the solar panels, the rebuilding of Blackfriars Bridge/Station includes rain harvesting systems and sun pipes for natural lighting. The hope is to make of the project a template for green stations everywhere.

Article by APASOLINI, appearing courtesy

photo: Computer-generated image of Blackfriars Bridge solar panels array. Via Guardian.

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