NY Solar Companies Ready to Help Bill O’Reilly Go Solar

No surprise that Fox News isn’t exactly presenting spin-free rhetoric when it comes to talking about our nation’s growing solar industry. Take the case of just last week when Bill O’Reilly of the eponymous Fox Business show made a claim that he’d go solar if only he could find somewhere it was available . .

“I want to buy solar or wind for my house this winter, can you tell me where to do that? There’s nowhere, no one. No one will do that. I live on Long Island, it’s a big place, there’s nobody.”

Mr. O’Reilly challenged his guests to come back next week and tell him where he can find someone on Long Island to help him go solar. Fortunately for O’Reilly, solar is ready to help . . .

O’Reilly lives on Long Island, where high electricity rates, plenty of sunshine and a strong solar workforce make PV a great fit. In fact more than 4,000 of his fellow LI residents & businesses have already gone solar. And just last week, the local utility LIPA flipped the switch on the largest PV installation in the Northeast – a 32 MW system providing reliable power to thousands of local energy customers.

All that is to say, there are literally hundreds of solar companies currently operating in New York, and hundreds of thousands of solar panels already installed on Long Island. Surely there are some fine solar companies ready and willing to take O’Reilly at his word and help him go solar at home.

On Friday evening we helped put out a quick call for New York solar companies interested in doing just that – and by the end of the weekend, 16 companies and 2 trade associations representing dozens more signed on to the cause (THAT’s how hard solar is ready to work for him).


Dear Mr. O’Reilly,

We hear you are ready to go solar pending your ability to locate a solar provider. We represent some of the hundreds of solar companies currently operating in New York State. We would be happy to help you get started with your investment in solar so you can join the many New Yorkers who are already saving money on their monthly utility bills by generating their own power.


Clean Power Finance

Community Energy


Energy by Choice

ETM Solar Works

Innovated Energy Solutions

KPS Solar

Mercury Solar Systems

One Block Off the Grid

RH Innovation Inc



Sunrise Energy Concepts


Suntech America

Trinity Solar

Alliance for Clean Energy New York (ACE NY) – representing 20 companies with solar operations in New York.

Long Island Solar Energy Industries Association (LIPA) – representing 25 solar electric contractors on Long Island.

Are you as excited as we are to see Mr. O’Reilly go solar? Help us spread the word via twitter (HT to Stephen Lacey at Climate Progress for his awesome work on this):

NY #solar companies can help Bill O’Reilly of the @oreillyfactor install a system. Will he live up to his word? http://bit.ly/tjdR1B

Vote Solar is a non-profit grassroots organization working to fight climate change and foster economic opportunity by bringing solar energy into the mainstream.

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Be interesting to see what Mr O’Reilley does now! One would think, however, with all of the Hot Air that emanates from his cake hole that he already has heating his house covered.


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