22 Regions Across America Race to the Rooftop for Solar Power

President Obama’s comprehensive energy plan included the pairing of investments in research and development with process improvements to reduce the bottlenecks and red tape associated with clean-energy technology deployment.  The Department of Energy responded with the Rooftop Solar Challenge – a chance for local and regional teams to drive significant improvements in the market for solar panels in their communities and throughout the United States by identifying best practices to make installing solar energy cheaper and less cumbersome.

The results were overwhelming.  Forty-six applicants from 17 states applied with approaches to reducing bureaucratic barriers and “soft costs,” such as administrative and permitting requirements, which can stifle the deployment of new technologies.

Last week, Secretary Steven Chu announced $12 million in support for 22 winning teams, which will allow them to pursue their proposals in collaboration with local and state governments, utilities, installers, and non-governmental organizations.

You can learn about the winners and see which parts of the United States they represent on the Sunshot Rooftop Solar Challenge map.

Article by Cyrus Wadia, Assistant Director for Clean Energy and Materials R&D.

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One comment on “22 Regions Across America Race to the Rooftop for Solar Power

Sabrina Hill

PERHAPS instead of slapping Tariffs on the Chinese solar panels, the U.S. should just BUILD a better, more affordable panel. That is SUPPOSED to be how the American Capitalist system operates. China comes in second place right behind Germany’s $3.00/W at $3.22/W, while the U.S. is OVER $6.00/w. The only reason that those of lesser means in Rural America don’t go with the German Systems, is because we would need to buy large systems to get that price, where we can go to Harbor Freight, and, if we aer inside track club members, and wait for the once a quarter sales, we can get a COMPLETE 45 watt system for only 135 dollars. That is a LOT more affordable for disabled Viet Nam Vets, such as myself to afford out of our meager Disability checks. Get one a month when the checks come out, and before long, you can be powering your own Southwest U.S. self built house from Solar Power like my Wife and I do.

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