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IBM Wants to Extend Electric Vehicle Battery Range

Electric vehicles offer a green transportation alternative. There have been great advances in the sector after the launch of popular models such as Nissan’s LEAF, which recently won the car the of year award at the Tokyo Motor Show.

However, electric car battery technology is one aspect of e-mobility that inspires caution in potential drivers. This is known as ‘range anxiety’, that is, the fear that the battery will not go far enough and perhaps leave the driver stranded.

But some companies are working on improving EV battery performance, including IBM. energyNOW! (via Energy Collective) recently uncovered the company’s research into nanotechnology to make EVs more powerful. IBM is hoping to come up with a battery that is ten times more powerful than current lithium-ion ones, which have a range of around 75 miles on a single charge.

IBM has a fantastic track record in meaningful innovation, so it’s great news that it’s working on EVs. Watch the video below and find out more about IBM’s plans for electric vehicle batteries.