A New Play on Solar

The launch of new “plug-n-play” solar panels has generated buzz in recent weeks. The manufacturer, Colorado-based Onyx Service & Solutions Inc., introduced the product earlier this month.

The new 330-W system will offer homeowners the option of purchasing a complete, pre-packaged solar PV system that can be set up at low cost with relative ease and connected with a standard plug or extension cord. With its “point and shoot” ability, the new system alleviates typical wiring and installation requirements. And the solar panels have a standard power outlet plug that allows the owner to simply plug an extension cord into the panel and use the cord like any outlet in the home.

This product certainly isn’t the first to feature plug-n-play convenience and affordability. In fact, many all-in-one residential solar packages have been introduced in recent years. However, none have been marketed specifically to the do-it-yourself market with the ability to generate plug-in power on the spot.

A Bright Future

Due to the relatively low levels of energy generation (about enough energy to run your computer), as well as it inability to connect to the grid, this kind of system does not qualify for Xcel Energy’s Solar*Rewards incentive program. However, it does represent a great step toward achieving a more cost-effective, more sustainable future. And if nothing else, it represents a unique option for home-owners looking for alternative energy sources.

Hopefully this new product will be a springboard to new, improved tools in the months and years to come.

Article by Tim Laughlin, appearing courtesy Xcel Energy Blog.

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