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Simple Green Tips You Can Do at Home to Save the Earth and Money

As you know, population is straining our natural resources a lot. There are only a few resources left for our future generation, some of which are facing extinction. If you want to give your children the same standard of living that we have enjoyed, you must preserve these natural resources. So it is inevitable for us to go green.

Internet service will help you to lead a Green Life. You will be able to use the power of Internet to decrease even global warming. Follow these tips for a green living. They will help you to save your money and earth.

1. Switch on to Online Shopping

If you are able to buy some of your things online and don’t use vehicles on the road, you can reduce greenhouse gas emissions. It will help you to save your fuel and time.

2. Use of Electronic Invoices

Electronic billing system helps you to save a great amount of paper by avoiding the need for printed invoices. These electronic invoicing will also help you to save your time to reach and pay the bill. The real environmental cost of traditional invoicing is much greater than that of a paper. The printed bills also need ink and energy to be printed and fuel to be transported to the customers. So by using electronic invoices you can save your paper, energy, fuel, time and money.

3. Use of Second Hand Books

The Internet is an absolutely reliable source to search and find and buy what your essential goods. If you are a student, your textbooks take big amount from your budget. A student spends a very huge sum each year on textbooks and notebooks. To lessen the costs of it, you can search for new or used textbooks at online markets. If you want to a search a textbook, all you need is the ISBN number of the book you are searching for. You can also save money and decrease the use of paper by using used books and sell those books which you don’t want to keep any longer at home.

4. Sell or Recycle Your Electronic Equipment

The management of electronic wastes is more important because of the increasing number of electronic equipment, we use. There are some web sites from which you can learn how to sell or recycle your old electronic equipment.

5. Giving Public Awareness

Use all the search engines of social network such as twitter, post blogs, send emails etc. to share the idea of recycling and reuse.

More Green Tips

Internet is an ultimate source for learning Do It Yourself and green tips. Green living Tips and The Daily Green are among the millions of web sites to reach green living tips and they’re all free.

These simple tips will help you to reduce your energy use and budget which means less dependence on the fossil fuels and paper.

Please remember these 3R’s to reduce wastes and live green.

The three R’s namely Reduce, Reuse and Recycle.

Manage wastes means not to produce it. This can be done by careful shopping. This is Reducing.

Reusing makes economic and environmental sense to reuse products.

Recycling is a series of steps to sell a product as a new one. Begin it from home itself.

These 3R’s help us to reduce the amount of waste we throw away and also conserve natural resources and energy.

Article by Rebecca Jones, a blogger by profession. She loves writing on topics related to parenthood and technology. Beside this she is fond of automobiles. These days she is busy in writing an article on sustainable design style.

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Simple and beneficial tips for eco-friendly environment. I’m doing some of the things you suggest but not all. I’ll definitely follow the left out things. An impressive share. Thank you.

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