First All-Electric 2012 CODA Rolls Off Production Line

Chevy may be scaling back it’s production of the Volt, but other companies are forging full steam ahead to meet the goal of 1 million advanced technology cars on the road by 2015.

Just a few days ago, the first fully assembled CODA to be sold to eagerly waiting consumers drove off the final assembly line. The – a silver all-electric sedan with a 31 kWh battery pack kicked-off the final assembly of CODA Automotive’s first all-electric 2012 CODA five passenger sedans that will be sold in California.

If you’re wondering what the heck a CODA is, you’re probably not alone. The California-based company has stayed out of the major headlines, with the exception of a few auto shows and car geek blogs. But their desire to start local may be the CODA’s saving grace. Rather than pushing out electric cars that people aren’t ready to buy, the company amassed a significant collection of early reservations, many of whom will enjoy these first models off the assembly line.

The 2012 CODA is the first all-electric five-passenger, mid-size sedan with full rear seating and trunk space. It has an EPA rating of 88 miles per charge (making it competition for both the Focus Electric and the Nissan LEAF) and can go up to 125 miles on a single charge . The CODA also boasts an MSRP of $37,250, and federal and individual state savings and credits may bring the price down to $27,250 for California drivers.

Article by Beth Buczynski, appearing courtesy Crisp Green.

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