Earth Day 2012

Today is Earth Day, which marks the anniversary of the ‘official’ birth of the modern environmental movement in 1970. All over the world, people organize events to raise awareness of the need to preserve the environment through actions such switching to alternative energy, recycling, energy efficiency, preserving natural habitats, organic agriculture, a vegan diet, etc.

More important than words are the actions we take to celebrate Earth Day. All of us can engage with the date by adopting simple measures in our daily lives that can make a huge difference. We have compiled a list of ideas to help you celebrate Earth Day and hopefully turn every day into Earth Day!

Embrace alternative energy – The cost of solar panels are going down and public administrations offer incentives such FiT programs (feed-in tariffs) to offset the cost of going solar. Check out this web page with a list of incentives offered nationwide in the United States.

Be more energy efficient – Using a programmable thermostat, unplugging devices when not in use and insulating the house properly are some ways to reduce electricity consumption, one of the fastest and most economical ways to reduce the carbon footprint. Check out this blog post for more tips.

Reduce, reuse, recycle – Conscious consumption is more than just buying an eco-certified product; it’s about asking the question: do I need this? If you do, choose green and fair trade products. Try to reuse them and failing that, push it to be recycled. For more tips, go here.

Start pedaling – Using a bicycle is a fantastic way to keep fit and avoid emissions. As more and more cities increase their network of cycle lanes, urban cycling becomes a viable option for commuters. To learn more about cycling, please check out this website.

Eat your vegetables – The UN said in a report from 2006 that livestock is the biggest emitter of greenhouse gases in the world. A vegan diet is an excellent way to reduce your carbon footprint, not to mention the fact that it’s a ticket to good health. Several organizations provide support for those looking to make the transition. To order a pack, visit Mercy for Animals’ website.

Article by Antonio Pasolini, a Brazilian writer and video art curator based in London, UK. He holds a BA in journalism and an MA in film and television.

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