Innovative Solar Company Featured on Fox TV

Solar3D, a company that develops a three-dimensional solar cell technology to increase conversion efficiency, appeared on News and Fox Business Network last weekend. The article featured an interview with company’s CEO Jim Nelson.

Solar 3D employs the same principle of fiber optic devices to create a 3D design that traps sunlight inside micro-photovoltaic structures where photons bounce around until they are converted into electrons. The company believes this type of design could increase power output of existing silicon solar cells by 200 per cent.

“It is exciting to see our progress recognized on a national level,” commented Jim Nelson, President and CEO of Solar3D. “With the solar industry under scrutiny because of recent failures, we were able to explain the difference in our product and our approach. After this national exposure, we observed a dramatic increase in our website traffic and believe that the Solar3D message and value proposition are catching on.”

Nelson appeared on three live programs: Closing Bell on Fox Business Network on Friday, and Your World with Neil Cavuto (Friday) and Fox and Friends (Saturday), both on Fox News.

Besides the technology, the article highlighted Solar3D’s business models, which is based on private funding, and its careful management of operating and capital costs.

“We are very careful about how we spend money,” said Nelson. “We believe that regardless of whether funding comes from government sources or the private sector, a company has a fiduciary responsibility to use it judiciously in the development of new technologies in order to have a real chance of making it to market. While we are aggressively pursuing our milestones and the ultimate commercialization of our innovative 3D solar cell, we do so with economy and responsibility.”

The reporters are clearly biased against government support to clean energy, and perhaps they should be reminded of official subsidies Big Oil receives. The truth is that the environmental benefits of investing in clean energy are priceless. Still, Nelson does his best to appeal to private investors and plays along really well.

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This is already being done for about 3 years now I would have to check back in my notes but if they are doing the same prism tech that SoloTeK has done they will already be behind as they started doing hotel structures and now have also gone into a hybrid system.

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