Time to Indulge: Hybrids and EV’s Can’t Convey Emotion Like a Boss 302

Cars are not only meant to take us from point A to point B, but are an expression of who we are and who we want to be. Getting into the driver’s seat, starting the engine, and stepping on the gas connotes a sense of freedom and emotional connectedness that few things in life offer. While many of us desire a fuel efficient hybrid or electric vehicle, many, if not all of the current offerings fail to convey that visceral feeling that one gets stepping on the gas and hearing the sound of the engine and exhaust of the 2013 Ford Mustang Boss 302. When you see the car in person, you immediately get the sense that the car means business. When you start the engine, you know the car means business.

I recently had the opportunity to drive the 2013 Boss 302 in and around Salt Lake City and on the track at Miller Motorsports Park. This is a no frills car. No navigation is offered. No automatic transmission is offered. No paddle shifters either. This is what a car should be. If you want all that other stuff, go elsewhere. If you want power, handling, an iconic design, and a track ready car, this is it. In addition, the pleasure you get from driving this car will put a smile on your face and make you younger by at least ten years.

On the road around town, the car performs well and accomplishes your daily tasks easily. On the country back roads with wide open straightaways and twists and turns as well as on the track, the car performs at an exceptional level rivaling top European performance cars (which shall remain nameless). Owners of these cars have the opportunity to attend a day long session at Miller Motorsports Park where they will have classroom instruction and actual drive time at the track. This program is appropriately called Boss Track Attack. Despite so much power and torque (444 horsepower, 380 lb ft. of torque), you never feel like you will lose control. The car feels planted and wants you to keep pushing it to its limits. Take the Boss 302 to its redline of 7500 RPM’s and you will feel invigorated.

This is a car that begs for red lights so you can rev the engine, hear the sound coming from the exhaust and watch the people around you see that mischievous grin on your face. Of course we are all adults here, so peeling out when the light turns green would be irresponsible. That being said, the reaction from on lookers around town as you rev that engine is priceless, especially when the car is painted in “Gotta Have It Green”. Yes, that is actually the name of one of the colors offered and it really pops out at you.

Starting at $42,995, the Boss 302 is a relative bargain for the kind of car you get. There is no doubt that when gas prices spike again, we will think twice about purchasing a car like this. Until automakers can create the same feeling of excitement and joy in a hybrid or EV, cars like the Boss 302 feel oh so right and will always do so, at least in my humble opinion. Go ahead, indulge in a guilty pleasure. You won’t be sorry.

Walter Wang is Managing Editor of CleanTechies. Follow Walter on twitter: @energytaxprof.

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2 comments on “Time to Indulge: Hybrids and EV’s Can’t Convey Emotion Like a Boss 302

Sharon Hudnall

Why is Clean Techie shilling for Ford and highlighting high cost, high fuel consumption vehicles like this juvenile bomb on wheels? What’s clean about this technology? I can’t believe this promo piece is for real — has the oil and automotive industry hacked into your site?

Sharon – Your point is very well taken. I have driven many hybrids and EV’s and like the idea of owning one in the future. At the heart of my opinion is that fact that I, along with many enjoy the sensory aspects of driving. Until auto manufacturers can re-create the same sensations that one derives from driving certain cars, widespread adoption of hybrids and especially EV’s may be limited. If gas prices stabilize at a higher average, say $5/gallon, then you may see a much more dramatic shift towards hybrids and EV’s irrespective of the sensory aspects that many enjoy from driving.

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