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iPhone Amplifier Made From 100% Post-Consumer Paper

Stop carrying around bulky speakers or iPhone accessories! Eco-amp is a portable, sustainable amplifier that suits all of your eco geek needs.

When eco-made set out to design a better iPhone speaker amplifier, they noticed that most portable phone amps were bulky, expensive, made out of plastic, and not recyclable. Eco-made strives to produce products that are manufactured locally and consist of environmentally friendly materials, while maintaining a high level of design quality. All of these lofty product goals are achieved with the company’s debut product; eco-amp.

Eco-amp can be easily assembled and used on the on the go to amplify the music in your iPhone. Use it on vacation, by the pool, at a picnic – anywhere you want to share your music! It is made out of 100% post consumer paper. Eco-made designs and manufactures eco-lamp in Los Angeles, California. The product then ships to customers in flat envelopes. Don’t worry if you accidentally spill beer on your eco-amp, since its paper you can just recycle it and replace it. The amps are sold in pairs.

What you need to know about eco-amp:

• Designed for iPhones 4 and 4S

• Constructed out of Environment® series papers, which are FSC Certified Post Consumer, 100% Post Consumer and Alternative Fiber Papers, Green Seal™ Certified and Made with 100% Green Energy, and Made Carbon Neutral Plus

• Packaging printed with soy-based ink

Like how that sounds? Buy a pair of eco-amps for just $7.99 from the Eco Made website. I look forward to seeing what other products eco-made is cooking up!

Article by Krystal Persaud, appearing courtesy Crisp Green.