Grants in Support of Green Building

Every day, it seems that people are taking more and more steps to live greener, more sustainable lives. From better recycling programs to restrictions on water use, communities and individuals everywhere are taking a good, hard look at their actions and how they affect the world. It’s no wonder then that the green building and construction industry is booming, with no signs of slowing anytime soon.

That being said, it’s important for people to realize the ample amount of grants and funding available in support of green building. Covering a range of things from materials to construction education, these grants recognize the importance of this industry and seek to promote it. For information on some of these grants, keep reading!

Grants to Green Program

Southface, a green building services provider located in Atlanta, has established a grant specifically with non-profits in mind. The Grants to Green Program seeks to improve the operations and efficiency of area organizations by upgrading their water and energy systems and detecting other areas that could benefit from more sustainable methods and techniques.

A grant through the Grants to Green program promises more than just cash to those who qualify. Members of the recipient organization’s staff receive educational briefings on how they can make their actions more eco-friendly, while industry-trained professionals conduct overall audits on the building so that they may provide suggestions about what should be updated or repaired first.

Affordable Green Neighborhoods Grant Program

At the national level, this program focuses on the development and advancement of sustainable communities for everyone—regardless of their demographics. Possible in part by the generosity of the Bank of America Foundation, the grants are awarded to developers who pursue LEED 2009 for Neighborhood Development (LEED ND) certification, while specializing in the production of affordable living quarters and communities.

Each year, ten worthy recipients are chosen to receive a package that includes: $25,000 cash to pursue LEED-ND certification, a $300 discount on a national membership into the U.S. Green Building Council, one LEED-ND reference guide, and much more.

Second Nature

Established with the help and support of the Kresge Foundation, this program is funded by a three-year $1,242,000 grant and seeks to renovate, restore and construct campuses that work WITH rather than AGAINST our environment. Realizing that many educational institutions were in need of drastic upgrades but didn’t have the resources to afford them, the program’s creators and supporters jumped into action to make a difference where it matters most.

Green building grants are a great example of financial funding with a collective purpose. By supporting the industry of green construction and building, we are investing in our futures on this planet. Yet, it’s important to recognize that these grants only offer a slight glimpse into the world of green-funding efforts. Learn more about the many other grants available by visiting the website.

Article by Kristie Lewis. Having her fair share of construction management jobs, Kristie Lewis considers herself an expert on the subject and regularly writes about it. Send your questions and feedback to her at

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