Employment and Renewable Energy Jobs

Renewable energy jobs are growing in 2012 and in spite of grim employment forecasts, they will continue to grow in 2013 and beyond. One of the leading green job sites, The Green Job Bank, reported that the listings on their site doubled in the first quarter of 2012 compared to the figures for 2011.

Where are the Jobs?

While opportunities for employment in the renewable energy field exist in every state in the Union, a few states offer more opportunity than others. The following states are at the top of the list with new green jobs announced the first quarter of 2012.

Connecticut: 4,500

Illinois: 4,476

California: 3,795

Indiana: 2,825

Tennessee: 2,543

Iowa: 2,398

Arizona: 2,376

North Carolina: 2,297

Oregon: 1,975

Texas: 1,681

Moving to another state is not always feasible so checking out the top cities for renewable energy jobs is another option. According to the website SimplyHired, the following cities offer the most employment in the renewable energy field.

The San Francisco Bay area has over 2000 green job listings.

New York City has almost 2100 listings.

Houston has more than 1700 renewable energy jobs.

Washington, D.C. also has about 1700 jobs.

Boston has listings for 1132.

Los Angeles lists 980 jobs.

Chicago has 950.

Denver has more than 800 renewable energy job openings.

Philadelphia has almost 800.

Dallas offers 590 green jobs.

Job Boards

Searching online job boards is a good way to see what’s out there and learn what’s available in your field. The American Council on Renewable Energy has an extensive list of job boards of renewable energy jobs. Some of the sites are fee based but most are free for job seekers.

Use a variety of words when searching job boards; green, renewable energy, sustainable, or environment. Many boards allow searching by location, education, salary, job category, industry, or keyword.

What Kind of Employment is Out There?

Not all renewable energy jobs are for chemists or engineers. From laborers to managers, anyone who works a job that improves the environment works in the renewable energy field. The job you have now may be available in the renewable energy area. Companies need human resource staff, sales people, business managers, and someone to do the marketing. Accountants, teachers and instructors, communications, information, and skilled laborers are needed by almost every company involved in renewable energy.

When searching job boards, use your current job as a keyword to see what may be available. It may transfer to renewable energy employment as is or with a minimum of new training.

Something New and Different

If a new direction is what you have in mind, there are some interesting jobs posted on the website Sustainable Business. Besides the technical jobs posted, you may find an opening for a caretaker at a nature preserve, a job at a bird conservancy, or an ecologist.

Think in a different direction to find employment in renewable energy. Besides solar panels and wind energy, renewable jobs are in conservation, organic gardening, recycling, and landscaping. Renewable energy employment is growing in every area, in every part of the country, and there may be a job that you already know how to.

Article by Jennifer Carrigan, a writer on behalf of Alternate Energy, a Hawaiian solar installer.

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